Hey June – May Was Fun

Well May just whizzed by, so I'm cataloguing it for good measure (just so I know I didn't dream it!), starting with: My Pay Day Treat I love natural fibre yarns - they motivate me to keep crocheting in a way that acrylics never could.  I just can't get excited about Stylecraft, or the Attic [...]

Chiyogami Decoupage – My Favourite New Craft Thing

What is Chiyogami Paper? If you've never heard of Chiyogami (also referred to as Yuzen) don't worry, it's news to me too! Chiyogami is a traditional Japanese Washi paper which has been machine printed or hand stenciled with traditional Japanese designs. Often based on Kimono designs, the patterns and colours are intense, vibrant and can [...]

How to make a knights helmet for kids

The dreaded "dress up day" letter came home from school, with one weeks notice.  This term's theme has been Medieval or Knights, Princesses & Dragons for the purposes of dress up day. Fortunately, Fred has a knights costume of sorts (from a visit to the Evesham Medieval event a couple of years ago) consisting of [...]

Make It: Boredom Buster Sticks

Is it me, or do six week school holidays feel like six months? This is Fred's first school summer holiday & oh man, has it been a long holiday?! We haven't been short of boredom buster ideas - I'm an avid researcher, planner and list maker but this often results in decision paralysis (i.e. so [...]