Veganuary 2018 – Why Not?

Unless you've been living in a social media blackout in the UK over the past few months, you may have noticed a huge increase in Vegan related posts online. In the last two years, interest in Veganism has escalated in the UK - see this image from Google Trends: From a local perspective, there are [...]

Hey June – May Was Fun

Well May just whizzed by, so I'm cataloguing it for good measure (just so I know I didn't dream it!), starting with: My Pay Day Treat I love natural fibre yarns - they motivate me to keep crocheting in a way that acrylics never could.  I just can't get excited about Stylecraft, or the Attic [...]

Hello May – An April Review

May is here already, and the year seems to be whizzing by (I can't believe it's the school summer term now!) With that in mind, I thought I should reflect on April and what I got up to: 1) My number one thing was joining Makelight. This is a lovely online community run by Emily [...]

How to make a knights helmet for kids

The dreaded "dress up day" letter came home from school, with one weeks notice.  This term's theme has been Medieval or Knights, Princesses & Dragons for the purposes of dress up day. Fortunately, Fred has a knights costume of sorts (from a visit to the Evesham Medieval event a couple of years ago) consisting of [...]

Free Blog Planner 2017

2017 Blog Plan Overview I've finally got around to sitting down to plan out my blog schedule for the year (even though January is nearly over!)  There's lots of lovely printables out there, but I'm a cloud computing kind of girl so really a spreadsheet is more preferable to me. I pulled together this very [...]

Jaffa Cakes and Big Mistakes

It's almost September, which can only mean one thing - The Great British Bake Off is back on the telly!  Now, I'm partial to a bit of food porn, and this is my favourite provider of it (closely followed by Sainsburys food magazine.) Week one served us up with none other than Jaffa Cakes!  Part [...]

Make It: Boredom Buster Sticks

Is it me, or do six week school holidays feel like six months? This is Fred's first school summer holiday & oh man, has it been a long holiday?! We haven't been short of boredom buster ideas - I'm an avid researcher, planner and list maker but this often results in decision paralysis (i.e. so [...]

Why its Good to Act Like a Kid Again

I can't believe how quickly Fred's first year at school has passed. This is the first school summer holiday we've experienced since the 90's when both Phil & I finished uni and we're not going away this year so I'm determined to make it as fun as possible for all of us! Except, I realised, [...]