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I lost my crochet mojo a little, and hadn’t picked up a crochet hook or yarn in months other than to move it out of the way! Doing a little window shopping on Etsy, I came across a really cute pattern by Little Owls Hut for an amigurumi cat which would also require a little bit of armature in order to support the very sculpted shape of the cat.

Image copyright of Little Owls Hut, Etsy

Choosing Your Yarn

The pattern recommends working with 2 ply kid mohair and a 1.1 or 1.25mm hook.  Having worked with mohair before, I didn’t really get on with it (I find it very awkward to undo and it would be even more so with such tiny stitches) so I decided to limit mohair to the tail and ears, then use a plainer fine yarn for the main body.

The Pattern

The pattern itself is really well written – very clear instructions.  My main issue was working with such fine yarn and tiny hook, the whole pattern took absolutely ages to complete! (I’m not the speediest of crocheters, but even so, this seemed one of those never ending projects.) You definitely put stitch markers to good use with this project as the majority of it is crocheted in the round and where the legs are sculpted as part of the body, accurate stitch counting is absolutely key to achieving the right shape.

The most difficult section to crochet was the neck, as it is long and thin and you are crocheting around the armature (you start with the head, work down with the neck and open out again to create the body and legs.)

Creating the Features

I created the tail before creating the ears and thank goodness I did.  The mohair turned out to be absolutely horrendous to work with.  I couldn’t see the stitches clearly & I kept catching the yarn so my stitches were pretty uneven.  I persevered, but I’m not really pleased with the end result and I think I’ll take the tail off and recreate in the same yarn as the main body.

The eyes are created by crocheting 2 “craters” on to the head and then setting glass pebbles within them.  This does require a bit of checking, and going off pattern as glass pebbles are not all created equally!

The ears are created separately and stitched on to the head.

Finishing Off

I then used some blue eye shadow mixed with a little hair spray to add shading to the ears and eyes and highlights on the body.

The finishing touch will be some fishing wire whiskers – I’ll be honest, I did get fed up with this project and while I’ve now got the fishing wire, I not sure I’ll ever get round to adding!

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