Jaffa Cakes and Big Mistakes

It’s almost September, which can only mean one thing – The Great British Bake Off is back on the telly!  Now, I’m partial to a bit of food porn, and this is my favourite provider of it (closely followed by Sainsburys food magazine.)

Week one served us up with none other than Jaffa Cakes!  Part of me was thinking “Who can be arsed to make these, when you can buy them for under a pound down the corner shop” coupled with “That seems like a good idea, I’d like to try those!”

Image courtesy of BBC food http://www.bbc.co.uk/food/recipes/mary_berrys_jaffa_cakes_58695

Image courtesy of BBC food http://www.bbc.co.uk/food/recipes/mary_berrys_jaffa_cakes_58695

Well facebook was full of recipes for Jaffa Cakes pretty much as soon as Bake Off aired, and I spied, none other than Mary Berry’s own recipe so I thought I’d try it.  This is it, if you fancy trying yourself. (I must say, packet orange jelly on the ingredients list was a bit of a surprise – I was expecting to faff about about with sieves, muslin clothes and gelatin – so that was a bit of a bonus!)

Off to the shops I go…

I had to buy all the ingredients from scratch: self raising flour, eggs, sugar, an orange, orange jelly & chocolate.  So totting that up, we’re pretty much at a fiver (and that was using a cheapish dark chocolate – Tesco had their own 75% cocoa version on offer at £1 each & the recipe called for two bars.)

Blooper number one…

It was only when I got home, I realised I don’t actually have a cake mixer (I usually make gluten free cakes that don’t really rely on air to help them rise, so I do everything in the food processor.) So I used a hand blender & whisked for the obligatory 5 minutes, after which time my arm was dead.

Blooper number two…

I also didn’t have anything small enough to cut small jelly rounds, so used my smallest biscuit cutter which left me with rather more generous jelly discs than required.  Coupled with my not very frothy egg mix, I managed to get 9 jaffa cakes (the recipe said it would make 12.)

If you watched Bake Off, you’ll have seen the cake bases really puffed up, and looked like yummy deep dish mini cakes.  Mine didn’t. Still, they did look a lot like bought jaffa cakes ie. quite flat!


Being too lazy to faff about with a bain marie,  I zapped my chocolate in the microwave (and didn’t burn it!)  Plopped the jelly discs (or mounds by the time I’d scraped them out of the container) and drizzled the chocolate all over.  The chocolate took hours to set (something that didn’t come across in Bake Off!) But the final result was delicious.  I don’t think I’d win any awards but I was rather proud of my shiny chocolate (so suck on that Paul Hollywood!)

Finished jaffa cakes

Did you give the Jaffa Cake recipe a try?  Any other recipes you’ve seen on Bake you’re thinking of trying?  I watch Jo Brands Extra Slice and a woman on there made a courgette cake which looked really lush, so I may give that a whirl (plus it’s gluten free – the jaffa’s weren’t & I suffered for it afterwards!)


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  1. Maureen Robinson says:

    Your jaffas look super shiny and with the extra jelly I’m sure they went down a treat. Think I’ll stick with the bought ones, less hassle.

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