Joining a Choir – I did and I like it

As part of my year of living positively, part of this was to meet new people and push myself outside my comfort zone.  What better way, than joining a choir?

Wait… What? Don’t You have to be able to Sing?

The local choir I joined is led by a someone that is part of the natural voice network – a belief that singing is our natural birthright & anyone can sing. There is no judgement, no auditions, just a group of people that like to get together to sing for fun.

What Natural Voice Choir isn’t


What Choir is More Like…


There is a good variety of local people that go to the choir, aged from 20’s – 80’s both men & women all with different degrees of singing experience.  Some (like me) haven’t sung outside the shower or since they were at school, some are choir addicts and belong to 3 or 4 choirs.

What do you Sing?

We mostly sing harmony’s and rounds.  I can’t believe that in week one I was singing in a 4 part harmony and it sounded good!  You might recognise this one from “Oh Brother, Where Art Thou?”  We’d nailed it by week 2.    Some songs you’ll know, and some you will pick up really quickly.

What’s to like about it?

  1. I learned to love singing again.  I’m not an amazing singer, but I do enjoy it.  I’m supremely shy at singing in front of people, but since joining the choir I sing in front of my husband, while I’m out walking the dog and a little quietly in queues.
  2. The experience of singing harmony’s with a group of people gives a sense of real joy
  3. Learning new songs has been much easier than I realised and gives your brain something else to work on instead of worrying about work etc.
  4. Meeting new people from different walks of life has been awesome.  I’ve lived in my house for over a decade and only really know a handful of people local to me.
  5. It’s 2 hours away from the habitual draw of technology
  6. It’s really inexpensive – I pay £4 a session – the ultimate cheap night out.
  7. It does seem to relieve stress.

Useful Resources

  • Natural Voice network – find out more about their philosophy
  • Youtube – if you can’t quite remember the harmonys, they’re probably on youtube!
  • Local notice boards / local facebook pages – you don’t have to join one of the larger franchise choirs like Rock Choir, have a look to see what local community choirs are in your area and go give one a try!

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