Make It: Boredom Buster Sticks

Is it me, or do six week school holidays feel like six months?

This is Fred’s first school summer holiday & oh man, has it been a long holiday?! We haven’t been short of boredom buster ideas – I’m an avid researcher, planner and list maker but this often results in decision paralysis (i.e. so many ideas that we can’t decide and then do nothing, sound familiar?)

Pinterest is your friend

I knew pinterest would come to my aid and the years of pinning “ideas for kids” long before I ever needed them would pay off. Combined with a visit to our local scrap store which turned up a big bundle of lolly sticks for 39p, the boredom buster stick project was born!

boredom buster sticks

Materials List

  • Lolly sticks (probably not used ones!) – you can find these at Hobbycraft, Amazon, Wilkos and lots of other places quite cheaply)
  • Washi tape x2 in different colours (I got mine from Paperchase, you can also get them from places like IKEA, The Works etc.)
  • PVA glue
  • A pair of scissors
  • Printed list of activities – download my excel spreadsheet to get you started: kids boredom busters spreadsheet
  • A container to put the finished sticks in (I used a decorated jam jar)

How to Make Boredom Buster Sticks

  1. Create your idea spreadsheet or download mine for starters.  You may want to keep the list shorter than I did or this whole task can seem endless!
  2. Split the ideas in to indoor and outdoor ideas & cut up the print out so they will easily fit the lolly sticks
  3. Decide which washi tape is “indoors” and which is “outdoors”.  I chose blue for indoors as we’re sad we’re stuck indoors and pink for outdoors purely because Fred is pink obsessed and no other reason
  4. Wrap a band of tape around the top of the lolly stick & glue an appropriate indoor/outdoor activity to the middle of the stick, ensuring everything is nicely wrapped around the stick and won’t easily peel off.
  5. Repeat until all activities are glued to sticks and put all the sticks in your container.
  6. Stuck for an activity? Ask your child to choose an indoor or outdoor stick and you have to do that activity that they choose (you’ll find the expensive activities like “visit a zoo” quickly vanish, never to see the light of day again!)

That’s it, easy wasn’t it?!

The beauty of the sticks is you can keep using them (weekends and holidays) and I found it definitely cuts down on whinging (from kids and grownups!)

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