Paper Flowers – WIP of the Month – March

If you’re anything like me, you’ve probably got a few craft projects on the go.  Pinterest, Twitter and Instagram are all my go to places for inspiration and are both a blessing and a curse!  Wouldn’t it be great to be able to focus on one thing at a time?  I’m hoping meditation helps me with that, along with a bit of productivity training but meanwhile I’m still project hopping & paper flowers is my latest endeavor.

Flowers as Inspiration

For the next few months, flowers are my inspiration.  I’m using them as a theme for all my craft projects, and my focus this month is going to be making paper flowers.   We’re gradually moving into Spring, and I love the beautiful flowery photos so many people post on Instagram but let’s face it, flowers are pretty expensive and unless you live in or near a large town, the variety of flowers available to you can be pretty limited.

A Petal Unfolds

I was really pleased to come across Sue Beech AKA A Petal Unfolds.  I’m not exactly sure where I heard of her, but I found out that she runs paper flower making workshops & as this year is a year of personal development, I signed up to her newsletter for her next course announcements.

Interesting Online Course

I was delighted to get this week’s email, in which she announced that she will be running an online course quite soon.  Not only will this be her first time running an online course, the focus flower is peonies (whoo-hoo!)  At time of writing, she hadn’t released any more details but you can always visit her events page

Making Crepe Flowers (yes, I said “crepe”)

Meanwhile, I’ve been having a little play with crepe paper, florist wire & tape and using some templates from Little Crafty Bugs I’ve started making my own.

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My first attempts are okay – they maybe don’t look like any actual real bloom, but they do look so pretty in a vase.  For some stunning paper flower ideas, why not check out my pinterest board about flower crafts   It has lots of tutorial ideas (it’s also not just paper flowers, but felt, fabric and crochet ideas too.)

Tell me about your wips!

Do you have a craft theme for Spring?  Tell me about your current Work in Progress – let’s chivvy each other along & keep crafting



2 thoughts on “Paper Flowers – WIP of the Month – March

  1. Sarah says:

    For ‘first attempts’ I think your flowers look great. I look forward to seeing more once you’ve done the course! 🌸🌷🌺🌹🌼🥀🌻💐 (I’ve run out of emojis!)

    • lollowe says:

      awww, thank you so much 🙂 They’re fun to make & more importantly, I can work on them while sat in front of the tv in the evening!

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