Hey June – May Was Fun

Well May just whizzed by, so I'm cataloguing it for good measure (just so I know I didn't dream it!), starting with: My Pay Day Treat I love natural fibre yarns - they motivate me to keep crocheting in a way that acrylics never could.  I just can't get excited about Stylecraft, or the Attic [...]

Hello May – An April Review

May is here already, and the year seems to be whizzing by (I can't believe it's the school summer term now!) With that in mind, I thought I should reflect on April and what I got up to: 1) My number one thing was joining Makelight. This is a lovely online community run by Emily [...]

Why its Good to Act Like a Kid Again

I can't believe how quickly Fred's first year at school has passed. This is the first school summer holiday we've experienced since the 90's when both Phil & I finished uni and we're not going away this year so I'm determined to make it as fun as possible for all of us! Except, I realised, [...]