A Year of Positive Living

I’ll get to the crux of it – the last 2-3 years have felt like a downwards slide & I know I’m not the only one that feels like it. I’m sure if I look back at Timehop on Facebook I’ll see many amazing & happy things that have happened but I’ve allowed the negative stuff to wear me down. I’m not me.

I’ve decided 2018 is going to be a year of positive living. I need to find my mojo & reassess. Deal with what’s sucking joy out of my life & what I need to do to get more joy back into it.

What Positive Living is Not:

  • It is not positive affirmations – yeah, I’ve pinned a lot of these in my time & probably instagrammed a few. Sure they make you feel good for a second but that’s it
  • Waiting for the universe to provide – I’ve done this too.  It’s great to have hope & hey, I don’t mind communicating with the universe on a regular basis but it’s not the answer.
  • Looking backwards – Don’t look back, you’re not heading that way.  All too often our concept of the past holds us back & can churn up negative self talk.
  • Filling the void –  Whether it’s with food, buying stuff, social media etc… it seems to me that we’re all filling some sort of void in our lives. Stop looking for affirmation from others – that’s not where you find long term happiness.

What Positive Living is:

  • Taking control & taking action – taking the driving seat in destiny
  • Being present – not living in the past & limiting my beliefs, not worrying about the future & what may or may not happen
  • Being kinder – to myself & other people.
  • Being slower – to take time & enjoy the journey, not rush to the end goal
  • Expanding my world – try new hobbies, meet new people, make new friends & take others along for the ride

So what are you waiting for? Come join me on this journey & let’s seek out and discover a better & more rewarding life. XOXO

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