About me

It's me!Hello – so pleased to meet you! I’m Lol, an unashamed serial crafter. It’s fair to say I’m addicted to trying new crafts, it’s just the continuing bit I’m not so great with!

What else can I tell you? Well, I’m a mum of one very feisty 5 year old girl called Fred.  I’m married to a beardy designer called Phil.  Other significant players in my life are my 2 dogs and my 2 moggies.

I live in Stroud in the Cotswolds – it’s not all twee cottages and hunter wellies. In fact, Stroud is the least “Cotswold” town you can imagine!  It’s a wonderful mashup of old and new quirky housing, even quirkier people, gorgeous canal walks (thanks to the fantastic volunteer force & lottery funding that have resulted in a massive and amazing canal renovation project over the last 10+ years,) and small independent shops, creators & makers – what’s not to love?!

I’m a freelancer, working from home most of the time.  This affords me the luxury of being able to do the school run and walk my dog when most people are commuting / working their butts off in offices.  Freelancing was my biggest aim in life, and I’ve been doing it for nearly 10 years – it’s still scary (that never goes away) but thankfully the good outweighs the bad!

Why WIPS & Frogs?

If you’re handy with a hook or a knitting needle, this probably needs no explanation! If yarny crafts are not your thing, you’re probably wondering “WTH?”

WIPS = Work in Progress (if you’re anything like me, you’ve probably got a gazillion of little projects sitting around.  Not to be mistaken for “UFOs” = UnFinished Obects – these are the ones you’ve dumped at the back of the drawer and know in your heart of hearts, they’ll never get finished as you’ve completely lost interest!)

Frogs = this is what you do to yarn projects when you make a mistake (or decide to recycle a UFO).  You “rip-it, rip-it” – hense “frogging”.

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