Why its Good to Act Like a Kid Again

Why its good to act like a kid again

I can’t believe how quickly Fred’s first year at school has passed. This is the first school summer holiday we’ve experienced since the 90’s when both Phil & I finished uni and we’re not going away this year so I’m determined to make it as fun as possible for all of us!

Except, I realised, I’d forgotten how to have fun… from a kids perspective.  My idea of fun wildly differs from my 5 year old, so I decided I needed to get back in touch with my inner kid again.

  1. Scooters – we are now a kick scooter family – we’ve all got one!  Visiting my sister-in-law a few weeks ago, she said she’d got a scooter for her birthday & it was brilliant for keeping up with her boys.  Both Phil & I had a go, and absolutely loved it!  We came home, and ordered one each.  We use them at the weekends – down the sea front, around parks, even around town (when it’s a bit empty!)  I thought we’d feel self conscious or we get a few snide remarks, but mainly we get envious comments & people ask where they can get one! Fred loves it that we all go scooting together & she does a great job of keeping up!Family scooting trips
  2. Embrace Park Life – going to the park usually involves running around, clearing up after the dog or pushing Fred on the swing or watching her on the climbing frame.  There was no actual participation because parks are for kids, right?  Wrong.   I’d never had a go on a zipwire – probably because  I was very overweight for a very long time, so was afraid of it breaking if I got on it.  55lbs lighter, I finally gave myself permission to have fun and have regularly been using the one down my local park (I like doing insta stories on it too!)zipwire
  3. Lifes a Beach & I love being by the sea it seems to free something in my mind and I instantly relax, even if it’s just a day trip.  As a family, we love the tackiness of the seafront and the lights and noise of the pier, so we’ve been to Weston a couple of times already this holiday & I’m sure we’ll go again before summer is out.weston supermare surfer
  4. Making the most of local tourist hotspots – I guess like most people, we forget the fabulous places to visit on our door step.  I’ve decided to make the most of our staycation and get out and visit as many of the local spots as possible (scooter friendly ones get priority!)  Westonbirt (sadly not scooter friendly unless you’re under 5) was top of my list this holiday as I was desperate to try their new tree top walk (& yes, I have a fear of heights!) It’s absolutely stunning, and well worth a trip (kids go free until end of August.  It’s £9 for adults & there’s concessions.) As a bonus, mobile reception is great in the old arboretum so perfect for Pokemon Go!westonbirt

So there we have it, this is how I’m embracing my inner kid & having more fun  – how about you?