Hey June – May Was Fun

Well May just whizzed by, so I’m cataloguing it for good measure (just so I know I didn’t dream it!), starting with:

My Pay Day Treat

I love natural fibre yarns – they motivate me to keep crocheting in a way that acrylics never could.  I just can’t get excited about Stylecraft, or the Attic 24 packs of rainbow colours that various stores put together (don’t get me wrong, I love what Lucy from Attic 24 creates, it’s just the squeaky synthetic yarns and the thought of touching them makes me cringe.)

I generally buy cottons or merino yarns but lately pinterest has lead me down the path of the ultimate yarn porn – yes, hand dyed natural skeins by indie dyers.  These beautiful items of object d’art (because that is what they are – you can just look at them lovingly and squish them from time to time) are something I’ve admired from afar.

Now was the time to treat myself, to this beauty called “Stranger Things” which I purchased on Etsy.  It is a DK Alpaca and merino superwash blend.  I’m still undecided what I’m going to make, but it’s a very pretty addition to my stash.

Stranger Things Yarn from Etsy

Stranger Things Yarn from Etsy

Listening To

I love to listen to audible when I’m driving.  Currently I’ve got a couple on the go (mainly because one is related to meditation & that doesn’t mix well with driving!):

  1. Get Some Headspace by Andy Puddicombe.  You may have heard of the Headspace app which gives you 10 minute daily mindfulness excercises?  Well this is the book version (mainly because I don’t want to pay a monthly fee on the app!)  It has made for enjoyable listening, particular as it fits well with my current reading book – see further down.  I have found his narration quite slow, so do listen to it on 1.5 times speed.
  2. Year of Yes: How to Dance it Out, Stand in the Sun and Be Your Own Person by Shonda Rhimes.  This is also an enjoyable book but not really what I expected.  I’m very into self development books but this is more autobiographical and about the changes the author experienced in her life by saying yes instead of no.


The Things You Can See Only When You Slow Down

The Things You Can See Only When You Slow Down or How to be Calm in a Busy World by Haemin Sunim

This is a beautifully illustrated book, written by a Korean Monk (also a university professor.) It is based around Zen Buddhism and if you are familiar at all with meditation (or mindfulness) it will feel a very comfortable read.  I feel instantly calm just reading the book, it is very uplifting containing wisdom that anyone can take on board.

Favourite Blog Post:

I have massively increased my blog reading this year.  It is such a great way of opening your mind to other peoples lives, finding new interests, experiencing different cultures and learning new things.  Each month, I’m going to link to my favorite blog post of the month.  This one is by Cumbria based blogger Em Linthorpe and really resonates with me in terms of experience in making connections online:

My Public Private Heartbreak: A Tribute to The Strangers of the Internet

May Project No 1

Crochet mini bunting

This month I’ve been making mini crochet bunting – read more about it here

Kirsty’s Handmade Fair

I took my mum to Kirsty’s Handmade Fair at Ragley Hall mid May.  I had fully planned to write up the experience, but to be honest, it just wasn’t quite the event I was expecting it to be.  I think this is probably because I’m a seasoned large craft event attendee, so it had a lot to live up to and it just didn’t meet my expectations.

Block printing workshop

We did himmeli sculpture and block printing workshops.  Both workshops where on a massive scale (60+ attendees) where I’m used to going to workshops of 8-10 at NEC or Malvern shows. The sheer size means the whole workshop has to be simplified, which I felt made them too basic and less interesting.

Patrick Grant

The absolute highlight was the Patrick Grant talk in the afternoon.  I love him on The Great British Sewing Bee, and he is incredibly entertaining in real life with great stories on how he went from engineering to owning a traditional Saville Row tailors shop to appearing on Sewing Bee.

Vintage sewing reels

Oh, and the secondary highlight was my vintage cotton reel haul – check out the Harrods labels!

May Project 2: Chiyogami

Chiyogami paper decorated wooden die cuts

So if I hadn’t gone to the Handmade Fair, I wouldn’t have discovered my new favourite craft. I wrote a tutorial on this – find it here

Carboot Sale Favourite Finds

It’s no secret I’m a big fan of carboot sales and this is peak season for finding treasures there.  This was my favourite haul this month – some retro 1950’s, 60’s & 70’s maps

This months favourite haul from the car boot sale – retro maps


I had to include the Terror attack in Manchester in this months review.  It was horrific and senseless and I just can’t get it out of my head.  We cannot stop living our normal daily lives, or be afraid of travelling to cities or places where there are there are large events happening.  I’ve seen so many people saying they don’t want to travel for fear of being caught up in an attack and that is just giving in to what these organisations want.  Terrible events are happening everywhere, by dwelling on them we’ll never move on. We need to stand together and keep on going.

final Mini Make for May

I’m finishing on a happier note.  I wanted a fast, fun make so created a baby sloth.  This has now turned into 3 baby sloths and will soon be more as I will be putting them on to my etsy store.  This image is my most shared and liked image ever across the social media channels!

Baby Sloth Amigurumi

So there we have it, May in a nutshell.  How about you? What was your May highlight?



12 thoughts on “Hey June – May Was Fun

    • lollowe says:

      🙂 thank you so much. The Zen one is a must read for everyone – it’s so lovely & gives you some perspective.

  1. Em Linthorpe says:

    You’ve just made me blush, you have! Thank you so much for the mention, that is so kind. Blimey! Bless you 💙

    I love the yarn too, it’s absolutely gorgeous! I can see that being a gorgeous skinny scarf xx

  2. Circle of Daydreams says:

    Oh goodness, the sloth!!! Too cute! I also love the bunting. I did do a double take when I started reading as I thought you’d written ‘I love natural fibre yams’! Haha.

  3. angelanoelauthor says:

    I’m not a crafty-gal but I love reading your blog. Your passion for your projects shines through in your words, and I always feel inspired by the passionate pursuit of creative endeavors. I wouldn’t know the difference between a synthetic or an organic yarn, but I enjoy your description of the object d’art you found on Etsy! I don’t have to know exactly what it is to appreciate that it’s special and beautiful.

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